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Friday, December 18, 2009

Playback Theatre at the Prison

Playback Theatre at the Prison

At the women’s prison, after the show,
everyone steps out for a smoke.
Fifteen degrees cold, the moon shines full and clear
in the trees near our sidewalk space.
What makes the cigarette a small escape?
At the family care home, schizophrenics come out for a smoke,
nicotine a moment’s respite from unceasing voices.
Here at the prison, we laugh and play with scarves,
remember our children, make new promises,
and retreat to a moment unfettered
in the untamable smoke’s plume.
Then all gasp. The moon, a light show,
sends a rainbow through the one night cloud,
peeping and hiding in impenetrable darkness,
and emerging brilliant.
The shapes of clouds. The comments from the prisoners:
“The Eye of God! A smiling face!
God’s smiling at us! An arrow; a bird.
We’re forgiven! We’re going to be free!
A heart; God’s love.”
The moon and cloud a brilliant interplay
for us, there on the prison sidewalk,
and beyond, and beyond.

Annelinde Metzner January 2005

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